Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?


I love reminding myself of my childhood – the magic that surrounded my life, the beauty in every single moment, the happiness around me, the love in my heart. I said everything that I thought without being ashamed. I did all the things I loved to do and I followed my heart with every breathe. I was happy. I was free. Every day. Every minute. Every time.

The nature used to be my origin. From morning to the evening I spent my time outside. I walked through the nature barefooted, held my feet in the small brook that surrounded our house, watched tadpoles, admired lily of the valley and asked myself why the birds which were sitting on the electricity pylon did not get current proposals. Every plant, every animal, every sunshine, every wind blow felt like they were giving me energy. I have been able to feel their love. Even not the rain could have changed my happy mind because I knew that the plants deserve it.

I used to be so curious that there were no space for anxiety in my heart and this was the key to my freedom that time. This endless freedom a child is carrying around. I was aware of that I could do anything If I want to. I were loving every being, every plant, every stone with all the love I had deep inside my soul. I did not expect anything from them back because they made me happy just by existing.

The world felt so great and there were so many things to explore. I wanted to do everything!

To jump, run, swim, dive, love, breathe, to live.

This wonderful child still lives in each of us and it is s time to awaken it, to let it be a part of us again. Time to ignore our good sense just for a while because it controls our whole lifes by restricting us. Where there is our good sense there is no space for freedom. The child knows no limit, it thinks that it can achieve everything just by believing in it. Thats why it is so in love with the world. It is not scared to fail, it lives in the present moment. That’s what makes our life so beautiful – the present. Being here, breathing, being alive. To realize that we can do everything we want to, we just have to be ready.

Be this child. Be free. Let the magic come back to your life. Live the present moment. Stay away from the past. Be free in what you are doing because you are the creator of your life. Be ready to accept the happiness around you. Feel how your soul is going to be filled with love. Stop doing things that doesn’t make you happy and do all the things that fill your heart with joy and feed your soul with goodness. Always let your heart be your leader on your path.

Love the beautiful human being you are. Allow yourself to be finally happy and free because you deserve it so much. Live what you love, there is nothing to lose. Be who you want to be and live how you want to live.

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