Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller


I am in Bali for 7 days now, therefore the first week is already done. Six days ago all I wished for was the time to pass by so that I can fly home as soon as possible. And now I don’t want to go. I don’t want the 2 months run by too fast.

For the first time in my life I am so far away from home for a long time and it’s also the first time for me to travel alone. So where to start with the things that happened to me the last days. After 40 hours spending my time in the plane, in the transit rooms of the airports and trying to get some sleep on the ground I finally arrived in Bali. I organized everything so well (not well enough as you can read later in this post) there was someone at the airport holding a sign with my name on it – my taxi driver. As soon as I had been in the taxi I was drowned by my thoughts and my current situation: i am alone, in a taxi with a man i don’t know who doesn’t even speak that much english in a country I have never been to before. I started fighting against my tears to protect me from explaining myself to the taxi driver.

I cannot describe how happy I was when I arrived at my guesthouse where Nyoman and her husband Made welcomed me with open arms. The room I had in their house is very modern, beautiful and clean. But in this night nothing could have helped me to feel good. All I wanted was flying back home to my family. I felt anxiety in my whole body. I cried myself to sleep..



The sun dried my tears as she was shining bright into my room and wakes up my soul to a happy mood. At this moment I didn’t know what the day has planned for me. How will I get out of this room? Where will I be then? How can I go and visit the city centre? I don’t know what to do. All those thoughts came up to my mind but It was like Nyoman heard it as she came to my room with tea and balinese coffee. She told me that I can borrow a scooter from them and her husband will drive to the city with me to get a local sim card. After we got me a sim card I met a girl called Andrea from Canada in the city who I met at the airport before. And so the adventure began.

We visited the vegan restaurants in Ubud city, explored the nature with its unbelievable waterfalls (at this point I have to say nobody tells you about the 230759437 steps you have to take to get to the waterfall). When we went to the monkey forest I was nearly attached by a monkey because I missed to read the sign “don’t look the monkeys in the eyes”, ups. Nevertheless I felt in love with the island and its beautiful people. This beautiful place called Bali was a great medicine to get over the pain I had from missing my home, my boyfriend, my friends.

By the way you can achieve every place by scooter but the traffic is horrible. Nearly no traffic lights, no signs and everybody drives as they want to. On some days there are police men at crossroads or somebody comes out with a pipe to manage the traffic. I got used to it now but on the first day I had a really big culture shock

I remember my mums word: give yourself some time to get used to the smells, the food and the people in the country. But I never had to because everything smells like diffuser sticks and wherever I go for me as a vegan the food is like a perfect dream. The balinese take so much care for a healthy lifestyle. And the people are so warm hearted, unless you are on the market then all they want is your money.



Now I want to tell you why you can never be totally prepared for life. On my 4th day in Bali I realized that I lost my credit card 2 days ago. I took cash from the atm one time and then payed everything with cash until I needed more money and saw that the card was missing in my pocket. When I think about it now i was really relaxed about the fact that I don’t have any money at the moment. All the people around me helped me a lot. Made drove to the city with me the same evening to look if I forgot my card in the atm. But there was none. And Andrea gave me a little bit money for the next days so that I was able to buy some food.

Now I am sitting in my new house (still in Ubud I don’t want to leave here) and I have 0€ and 0IDR I am completely without money and I am not even able to buy myself some food. But this is what I wanted to learn here. To distance myself from the middle european standards where you always have more than enough of everything. Even if this was not planned this way haha. About 1 year ago this would have been a horror imagination for me but I have to say I’m really fine, life is good. I have 3 baby bananas and half a bottle of water and that’s more than nothing. Tomorrow I will hopefully get my credit card back from the bank they told me they have it in the capital city bank but we communicated with hands, feet and by drawing on a paper so hopefully I understood them right.




I can’t believe how many people I have already met along my way and each of them has their own story. Yolanda the first person I met on my journey in the plane from Paris to China lives in England and is going to visit her family in China for 2 months from now. Then there is the 78 years old Helga who comes from Munich and lives in Bali since 14 years. Jordyn and David a couple from Texas who quit their jobs to travel the world. They are now on their way to India. And then there is Mike who lives in a house in Bali with his wife for 6 months a year and the other 6 they live in America. My friend Andrea from Canada who has 3 jobs at home but made a break to travel through Asia and Australia. Everybody has their own story and I love to hear each of them.

There is also my story. I am a 21 years old girl from Germany. About 2 years ago I left school and started to work. This work made my body and my soul so sick that I stopped loving life. I quit the job and followed my heart. Over the last year I took so much care for my body and soul. I went vegan, I throw away a lot of stuff I don’t need and I finally started traveling. I got used to the life here in a very short time and I can’t wait to show my family this beautiful island and its wonderful locals.

I feel alive now and that’s all that matters to me.



Ubud is a very cultural place and as many people told me it’s very quiet here compared to the other ‘popular’ cities in Bali like Canggu, Kuta , .. there it is full of parties and tourism while you can really enjoy the balinese way of life in Ubud. As i already described earlier in the text you smell the diffuser sticks everywhere in the whole city, there are temples everywhere and when you are walking down the streets you will see flowers and compost here and there – given to the gods and demons. The most important thing for the balinese people are the ceremonies that are taking place in the temples. When i am lying in bed i hear the sounds of the ceremonies until midnight, geckos, barking dogs, fighting cats and sometimes an earth quake that shakes my whole bed. I have to admit the first time experiencing an earth quake i just thought “ok, your time has come now you’re gonna die” and my heart has beaten double time faster then normal. I calmed down the next day when my host family, some of their friends and i were playing cards and eating banana bread in the garden and they were just laughing the moment i told them about my fears the night before. Not to show me they wouldn’t take me serious but to calm me down and tell me it would be an absolutely natural thing in Bali.

Although I haven’t been anywhere else in Bali yet – I really don’t want to leave but in 1 1/2 weeks I will pack my back and make my way off to the next city closer to the beach.


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